Collaborative Work


Involvement in the collaborative work model is fundamental to the Clubhouse experience. Members and staff work side by side in the running of the Clubhouse. All work in the Clubhouse is designed to promote self-worth, sense of purpose and build confidence—all while focusing on strengths, talents, and abilities of the members.

Members and staff hold equal responsibility for Clubhouse functions. For example, members are directly involved in administration, research, enrollment/orientation of new members, conducting tours, promoting engagement by touching base with membership, hiring /training and evaluation of Clubhouse staff, public relations, advocacy, strategic planning and evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness.


New Journey Clubhouse is currently divided into two work units described below:


Food Service:  This unit runs our professional kitchen which provides a home-cooked lunch and maintains the salad bar. Menu planning, nutritional education, shopping and routine maintenance occur in this unit.  The Food Service Unit also runs the New Journey Clubhouse “Snack Bar” which is a self-contained business selling affordable snacks, drinks and breakfast foods.


Business:  This unit is responsible for billing, data entry, reception, banking and administrative functions. The Business Unit is also responsible for running the New Journey Boutique which includes taking in donations/laundry, and tagging items.