2024 Colleague Training

Esse & Angela's Trip to St Louis, Missouri

Traveling all the way from Big Rapids Michigan, to St. Louis, Missouri. Our New Journey crew got to experience a 2 week colleague based training to learn the ropes of the clubhouse "Independence Center" to learn new ways of what it means to be a clubhouse!  Esse and Angela got to experience how the work order day plays a part in the Independence Center's Clubhouse. Esse operated on the main floor of their boutique store while Angela operated above in the dining room area. During the first week they began to cover the discussions on clubhouse and the importance of why clubhouse is truly a big deal!

In the midst of these 2 weeks, the New Journey crew brought back new knowledge to implement into our clubhouse with our action plan!

All while in St Louis, the new journey crew got to explore around St Louis finding the best places to dine, the iconic St Louis art museum, St Louis zoo, and of course the gateway arch!

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