In Memoriam of Ann Counts

Image of In Memoriam of Ann Counts

In Loving Memmory of Ann Counts:

Ann Counts worked at New Journey Clubhouse for 17 years and we lost her on December 14th , 2022.  What Ann wanted was for us  carry on and strive to be the best versions of ourselves. What we are committed to doing is trying our best to honor that wish. We will hold the memory/ essence of Ann in our approach. What does that mean?  To us that means we will "Ann Counts it" and try and live by the following Annism's:

A=Always be kind

N=Never Compromise Quaility

N=Never Quit Trying and Working Hard


C= Continue to Value and Support Each Other

O=Outreach and Reach Out Matter!

U=Undertake Each Day with Belief you can Succeed

N= Never Forget to Listen to Understand, not Listen to Respond.

T=Take The Time to Tell a Joke and Laugh Out Loud 

S=Stay Strong